53 thoughts on “How I could have mass uploaded from every Flickr account!

  1. Hi,

    How much bounty did you receive?
    Found issue with the same impact received ~1200$
    But I think it should cost a little more.



  2. Awesome find. 🙂

    Seems to me that, even if their word length was greater, you could’ve sent emails without attachments and parsed their non delivery reports to create a list of valid addresses as well. Probably noone would notice.

    Uh… how exactly did they fix this?


    1. There were no non delivery reports, they probably had some kind of wildcard email system. And now they increased the size of their dictionary and the emails are in the form @photos.flickr.com now


  3. Put me out of my misery, how much was the bounty? I found this a year ago but thought the 80~ million permutations would exclude it.


  4. Just want to make sure I understand: when you said “Now by exploiting this, an attacker can easily upload pictures and videos from any Flickr account,” did you actually mean an attacker can upload *to* any Flickr account? As in, pre-mitigation, an attacker could upload any photos or videos they want *to* Flickr-generated email addresses?

    Nice find, thanks!


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